Join Père Ubu in the Order of the Sacred Veil of Miranda.

Marital Status: 
Are you a Jew?  Yes No
Are you planning on converting to Catholicism?: 
Do you attend Mass at least once a week on Sunday?     Yes No
Do you worship the Devil in drunkun sex-soaked orgies? Yes No

Are you able live without sex with women?  Yes No
If no please specify a time frame for how long:   Within
Are you willing to travel anywhere in the world? Yes No

Preferred region of the world for travel:
Europe South America Amsterdam Las Vegas Anywhere except Canada

Do you have any children?  Yes NoMaybe, who know?
Do you know how to dance the Macarena?  Yes No
Do you spend money on drugs?  Yes No
If so, how much per year? 
Have you ever been arrested for a felony?  Yes No

Educational Background:

I'm primarily attracted to communities that are mainly devoted to (click one):
Making Money
Growing Turnips
Military Priesthood
The Hermit Life
Youth Ministry
Moonlight walks on the beach and romantic dinners at fancy restaurants

How do you describe Père Ubu:

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What size monastery you feel you are best suited for? 

Is it essential for you that the monks wear underwear?  

Would you be willing to give all your money to Père Ubu?  

For the sake of graciously serving Christ, His Church, and His people, it is the mission of Père Ubu to replenish every Roman Catholic religious community and diocese in the world. By filling out this application you are stating that you are open to participation in the fulfillment of this mission.