Charles, Prince of Wales
Biographical Snippets:
 Charles is expelled into the world.

 June 19, 1957 Charles is introduced to his parents for the first
time. He is quickly returned to his nanny.

 April 23, 1967 his early education ends after learning all the
things a young boy learns in British boarding schools.

 July 1, 1969 His Mummy makes Charles Prince of Wales. The
Welsh jump for joy, get drunk, and fall in the streets.

 Charles then joins the military and is made Captain of his very
own ship. I'm afraid to say the ship never leaves the dock.

 July 29, 1981 Charles is given a young virgin for breeding
purposes. Her name is Diana Spencer. Charles is confused.

Charles and that Evil Woman.

 The semi-attractive Lady Diana is made the Princess in a
fairytale myth created for the ignorant housewives of England.

 Charles is further confused when Diana gives birth to a child. Diana then gives birth to the son of a stableboy.

 Now that Diana only job is done, Charles returns to the
charming and intelligent Camilla Parker Bowles.

 August 28, 1996 Charles finally unloads the unstable Diana and her bastard sons.

 The Church of England receives Divine Revelation that it is
quite all right for a divorced man to become King.

 April, 9 2005 Charles marries the lovely
Camilla Parker Bowles

 Now all Charles needs to do is wait for Mummy to die.

Charles looks to the future when Mummy finally dies.

I wish the Press wouldn't print insulting
pictures like this one

Why don't they print pictures like this one where
Charles looks vaguely intelligent?
Charles, the Artist ~

Here are Charles' best known
CrayolaŽ Masterpieces:

"Strange Man In a Blue Coat"
Royal Academy of Art

"My Green Kilt"
Serpentine Gallery

"Mummy In Pink Chair"
Tate Gallery

"Diana with Horsey Man"
Serpentine Gallery

Charles the King of England, or Charles the tragic
Prince of Wales who never knew what the hell was going on
around him until it was too late?
Only time will tell.