Prince William

Born: June 21, 1982

Nicknames: Wills, Willy, Prince Stinky
Diapers, His Royal Hotness, and Willy the Wanker.

His conception was achieved by the
Superior Sperm Bank of Knightsbridge, Ltd.

If he can out-live his Granny and his
Dad he will become King.
In order to prevent myself from gushing
like a schoolgirl I will allow a few
members of the Prince William Fan Club
of Tiddlebrookton to speak for me:

"William always seems so fresh and clean,
I like fresh and clean. I would like to
dirty him up a bit, then clean him
up again. I can turn a boy into a man,
and if he's already a man,
I can turn him into a woman. I've wondered what
William would look like bent over a chair."
 - Jenny Tull

"I know I'm too old to be his girlfriend, but I
would like to be his mother. I would dress
him up in the morning and comb his lovely
golden hair. I would soap his private
thingies during his bath. At night I would
spray him with sweet smelling perfume and
tuck him into bed. If he had a hard day I
would crawl into bed and rock him to
sleep." - Harry Johnson

"Prince William will become King;
though he was never consecrated by
any papist bishop or greased by any
of those shavelings; but he was
ordained and consecrated by God Himself, and
by Him anointed, plus he's the prettiest little
stud muffin I've ever seen!" - Brooke Trout

"I know William wouldn't give me
a second look, but a girl can dream
can't she?" - Hazel Nutt
William has touched many beautiful women
of international fame with his Royal Scepter

The Royal Scepter

|-actual size-|