Comrade hilaire9 says...

"Communism is Cool"

rocket boy

Mao      I am a Communist! My Aunt Lucinda says I am a nut case and a traitor to my country. Well, I don't care what she says because she is a member of the Bourgeoisie and aligned with Reactionary Forces. When the Revolution comes I will make sure she is sent to the fields to pick lettuce to feed the People. I shall then confiscate her Beverly Hills estate, in which I will live and run as a Rehabilitation Center for prostitutes. Under Communism everyone has a house to live in!

     What I love about Communism is that everything is given to you for free! All belongs to the State and all is shared. Since under Communism the State prints the money and the State is owned by the People you will have all the money you want! Running short on cash? Well, just skip into the nearest bank and tell them: "Good morning comrade, I'll have a shoebox full of money, please." This will be handed to you all tied up with a pretty red bow!

go home!      You may ask: "If Communism is so cool how come everybody says such bad things about it?" Well, my ignorant friend, the Rich don't want you to know about it! Everything you have ever heard about Communism is a lie! The Rich own all the newspapers and television stations and they have created a world of fantasy for you to live in. The Rich don't want to be equal with everybody else. Do they want to share what they have with you and me? No sir! In the following pages you will learn the Truth. You will also be able to search for a good Communist girl to marry, and see some hot videos! ~ ~ ~