Père Ubu
Place of Birth:  Clichy-sous-Bois, France
Current Residence:  Fatima Bourguiba Mental Hospital, Monastir, Tunisia
Date of Birth:  5 April 1926
Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Occupation:  Monk of the Order of the Sacred Veil of Miranda.
Passions:  Music, scented candles, and video games.
Shout Out:  "Hi everybody, my name is Père Ubu and  I would like  to get to know you!  
 I enjoy moonlight walks on the beach and
 romantic dinners at fancy restaurants."
Quote:  "Nothing is real and everything is permitted."
Favorite Music 
   Joy Division

 The Velvet Underground
 Johann Sebastian Bach
 Burning Spear
 Neil Young
 Gustav Mahler
 Buddy Guy
Favorite Movies  Pink Flamingos

 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
 Citizen Kane
 The Wizard of Oz
 Dr. Strangelove
Favorite Writers  Charles Bukowski

 Jorge Luis Borges
 Beatrix Potter
 Vladimir Nabokov
 George Eliot
Favorite Sandwich
 Sardines, onions, sour cream and dill on focaccia bread.
Favorite Drink
 Pineapple juice and vodka

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